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Here's some general info about me that isn't already on the other pages of the site...

I am a passionate vegetarian (mostly vegan). My beliefs have evolved over the years, but basically I am a vegetarian because I believe it is wrong and unnecessary to kill an animal for food. Actually I think it's wrong to kill for any reason whatsoever, so I believe in animal rights in general; I don't wear any leather products or anything else that has caused an animal to die, and I seek out cruelty-free products. Go Behind the Curtain to read more about this belief. I am also environmentally conscious. I try to make green choices whenever I can. I proudly drive a Prius!

I am a college graduate with a major and theatre performance and a minor in French. I graduated summa cum laude, if that means anything to you. I have a masters degree in communication disordrs (speech-language pathology).

I was a professional working actress for many years, now retired from that career to work on more meaningful (to me) profession. People I knew from my acting days often can't believe I gave it up. First, I got tired of the constant struggle to make a living. Second, I realized there were more important things I could do than entertain people. That's when I decided to make a major change and go back to school. I am very happy with my decision.

I'm the recognized international expert on the late actress Soledad Miranda. I created her official website, have researched her life extensively, and maintain a huge archive of materials related to her career. I have written magazine articles, encyclopedia articles, and DVD liner notes about her, and someday I will write a book about her.

I love playing classical piano, harpsichord, and reed organ. I also worked for a nonprofit music foundation for ten years. I simply love music. Lots of kinds, seemingly conflicting types even. There's more about my love of music on the Music page.

I love animals. I have two beautiful cats and two precious dogs as my constant companions. I had a cat named Inky who was my roommate, companion, and soul mate for 18 wonderful years (if you are a cat person, you might understand that last one). The most pets I ever had at once was six cats and two dogs. Yes, that's a lot.

I used to be a professional burlesque dancer. My favorite routine was a Princess Leia dance where I went from her white dress of A New Hope to the famous metal bikini of Return Of The Jedi. I got to perform this, among other places, at some sci-fi conventions including the huge Dragon-Con in Atlanta. I also had a singing routine set to Madonna's "Hanky Panky" that was a lot of fun to perform!

I speak French. I enjoy the French culture, especially its music and art. I'm learning Spanish. I love Spanish flamenco, the dance and the music. I've taken dance classes in the past, and one of these days I'll get around to doing some more! I love going to tapas restaurants to watch flamenco. Someday I want to go to Spain to see "real" flamenco.

I am a Star Wars nerd. But I have a love-hate relationship with George Lucas. Enough said.

I am a huge Seinfeld fan and I used to brag about having every single episode on tape, in order (this was before DVDs). It's my favorite show of all time and I can quote exchanges of dialogue from it, I often am able to find a correlation between a situation in real life and something on Seinfeld, and I am a master of its trivia! Other shows I like include 3rd Rock from the Sun, Arrested Development, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Mad Men, 30 Rock, The L Word, The X Files, Carnivàle, Surface, Dexter, and Weeds.

My favorite movies are The Piano and The Silence of the Lambs, tied with Star Wars. I love The Piano mainly because I play the piano and music is incredibly close to my heart, and I was so moved by the character Ada's bond with her piano it changed my life. It's such a beautiful film. I love The Silence Of The Lambs as it's impeccably made, a great, thrilling story, and Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins are two of my favorite actors of all time. As for Star Wars, well, I grew up watching it and the film and toys were a big part of my childhood.

In general, I prefer independent film over Hollywood; I also like foreign films. I love classic horror films. I love all the movies listed below under my favorite directors. I'm a big fan of classic French films. I really don't know if there's a pattern here. However, by and large I do like movies that are original, have something to say and use unique ways of saying it, and that simply are not like any other movies!

Particular directors I like include Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho, Rebecca), Julie Taymor (Frida, Titus), Jean-Luc Godard (My Life To Live, Alphaville), Jean Rollin (Fascination, La morte vivante), Jess Franco (Eugénie, Vampyros Lesbos), Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For A Dream, Black Swan), Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation), and Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds).

My favorite actors include Soledad Miranda, Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman, and Cillian Murphy.

Books I like are largely nonfiction, including biographies of artists and composers I love. I love art books and also plays. Favorite authors include George Sand, Djuna Barnes, Stanley Donwood, Thomas Harris, and anyone writing in the Star Wars expanded universe. One of my favorite books which influenced me a lot is When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone.

I admire Antonin Artaud, theatre theorist extraordinaire, one of the greatest performance visionaries I have ever come across. In college, I was co-founder of an avant-garde troupe that gave performances based on his Theatre of Cruelty ideas.

Here is how I would answer the famous questionnaire used on Inside the Actors Studio.
What is your favorite word? In English: "among". In French, "juillet".
What is your least favorite word? Hatred.
What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally? Music. Compassion. Wisdom. Individuality. Creativity.
What turns you off? Prejudice. Ignorance. Violence. Greed.
What is your favorite curse word? Fierfek. (a swear uttered primarily by clone troopers in Star Wars expanded universe fiction)
What sound or noise do you love? Cats purring. Dogs lapping up water. The harpsichord. Rain. The ocean.
What sound or noise do you hate? Telephones ringing. Especially the old buzzer ones. Ticking clocks.
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Running an animal sanctuary.
What profession would you not like to do? Butcher or slaughterhouse murderer.
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "You don't have to stay."

I made this website myself and hereby assert my intellectual copyright to whatever I may put on here.
Dated 2012-2015 by Amy Brown.

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